About Rad Tek

  • Rad Tek is a small local business that performs radon mitigation and radon testing services to the Northern Virginia area.
  • The name Rad Tek comes from the combination of a few things:
    • “Rad” is typically used as an abbreviation for anything in relation to radiation. Radiology, radiation and radioactive are some examples.
    • RAD(s) is also a unit for measuring radiation damage. RAD stands for the absorbed dosage of ionizing radiation.
    • One acronym use for “TEK” is traditional ecological knowledge. Ecological knowledge is imperative for radon mitigation.

About The owner
Casey Beatty

  • I am a certified radon specialist with 1000+ radon mitigation system installations and several years of experience.
  • I grew up with a love for knowledge and a passion for science.┬áIn time, I became aware of the problem that radon presents to people’s health. Becoming a radon specialist perfectly combines my love and understanding of the medical, environmental and engineering fields of science.